One-on-One Mentoring for Writers

Methods to Get to The PageWe’ll show you how to get to the page despite the many obstacles in your way, how to stay at the page, and also how to make the most of your time while you’re there.

Our Mentoring Services focus on YOUR WRITING, and they are modeled after our own experience in one of the Top MFA Writing Programs in the country (Spalding University). Our approach is nurturing and supportive, as well as challenging and creative.

We’ll identify and focus on the things you do well in your writing with the intention of increasing your mindfulness of YOUR strengths to help you develop them further. We’ll also examine any areas where you display a potential for growth so as to take advantage of the opportunity to turn any weaknesses into strengths.

We’ll use our specialized training to teach you how to use your body as a way INTO your writing, allowing you more control over when and how you write.

Whether you’re just starting out on your quest to be a writer or you’re a seasoned professional looking for support or fine-tuning, our Mentoring Services are designed to challenge you while also reminding you that what you do matters.

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