Changing the World One Writer at a Time

At The PageWhether you’re already an accomplished author or poet or you’re just starting out on the writer’s quest, one thing is true – you’re a writer at heart.

Yes, talent is important. Yes, loving what you do is important.

But here’s a fact that might be most important of all: if you aren’t spending time At the Page you aren’t being a writer.

We’re here as coaches to help you bring more joy, direction, playfulness and consistency to your writing life.

And, once you have that consistency, we’re here as mentors and editors to help you hone your craft and polish your work.

Over the years we’ve learned useful, enriching, and enjoyable strategies for putting a structure in place to support a writing life.

We’ve learned & developed ways to go deeper into our writing.

We’ve studied craft, trained in mind-body & holistic health practices, have learned ways to overcome the obstacles to establishing a daily writing practice, and we’ve committed ourselves to sharing what we’ve learned with you.

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