Coaching 3

Holistic Creativity Coaching for Writers

Need help creating a consistent writing practice?

Want to learn how engaging your body as part of the writing process can inform and deepen your writing?

Have an idea for a writing project and need feedback and support?

Need someone to hold creative space for you as you figure out what’s next for you as a writer?

Want guidance in setting your creative goals and tools for developing positive habits to keep you moving towards those goals?

Need to improve your lifestyle & health habits to better support your creative goals?

We’ll design the coaching sessions around YOUR specific needs.

Our supportive coaching will help you get your creative juices flowing.

Changing habits (stopping negative habits and forming positive ones) takes time. There’s no quick fix.

We’ll help you put the pieces in place to make the changes you want and need to make and we’ll teach you how to stick with them after the coaching is over.

If you don’t lay enough of a foundation, chances for success diminish. That’s why the minimum length of time we’re going to invest in YOU is Six Weeks. We want you to succeed!

Below is our standard “Getting Started” or “Getting Back on Track” program. But remember, we’ll customize a program specific to your needs and the needs of your work.



  • 6 weeks of creativity coaching with either Cathy or Dave
  • Initial consultation to assess your creative and/or health challenges,
    as well as your specific writing intentions and goals.
  • One 60-minute Skype or in-person session per week (6 sessions total)
  • Weekly email exchange
  • Closing written summary of your progress and your intended direction

*bonus option – receive Feedback on up to 5 pages of writing per session at no additional charge

SIX WEEK & THREE MONTH Programs Available

You will COME AWAY from your coaching experience with strategies, tools, and ideas to help you continue to:

  • Sculpt time to develop and maintain a consistent writing practice
  • Recognize the value in what you do
  • Improve focus and sustain concentration
  • Spark your creative drive
  • Explore new ways to get into a creative flow
  • Improve your health and wellness habits to support your creative goals
  • Implement the customized action plans (based on your initial assessment)
  • Engage more fully in your life!

Creativity Coaching is about YOU as a writer and about learning creative, healthy, sustainable ways to respond to the challenges of the writing life.

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Here are just some of the reasons why, as a writer, you’ll want Coaching:

You’re a writer who’s not writing because

  • Life’s too hectic
  • You find yourself procrastinating
  • Self-doubt gets in the way
  • You don’t have the emotional energy to go there
  • You feel guilty when you’re not writing which makes it harder to write
  • You feel guilty for writing and not spending that time with your family
  • None of your friends “get it
  • You have a particular health challenge (or lack good health in general)
  • Poor eating habits are depriving you of energy
  • You feel fatigue, restless, crave sugar or caffeine
  • A personal life transition is keeping you from being able to focus
  • You feel lost, alone, misunderstood
  • You’re struggling to stay inspired
  • You write in spurts, here and there, can’t seem to get a consistent daily practice going
  • You have no idea how to balance your time between writing and everything else . . .

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