At the Page is Right for YOU if you experience:

  • TIME CONFLICTS – You’re a writer who wants more than anything to be at the page, but there’s this tension between wanting to/needing to/loving to write and the many demands and responsibilities of everyday life . . .
  • SELF-DOUBT – Some days you feel like you’ve nailed a line or a paragraph or a scene. Other days you feel like you’ll never have anything to say that’s worthy of print. You’re inner-critic needs silencing.
  • DESIRE TO LEARN – Maybe you’ve wanted to write for awhile (or maybe you just now realized it’s your calling), but you can’t afford the time or expense of enrolling in an MFA program. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn craft and how to make the most of your time at the page.
  • GUILT – You’ve experienced the contradictory feelings of guilt for not writing (perhaps even after spending years and thousands of dollars on writing classes, programs, or an MFA) and feelings of guilt for writing when you could be spending that time with family, or picking up an extra job, or hanging out with friends like a “normal” social person.
  • NEED for DIRECTION – Maybe you are writing regularly, but you’re looking for support and guidance to help you finish a project or begin a new one.
  • HELP GETTING STARTED – Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to honor your passion and live a writer’s life and you’re looking for a little help getting started.
  • NO EXPERIENCE – You’ve never been a writer, never written anything since that last high school essay, but you feel compelled to tell your story or another person’s story, to share your expertise or an idea with the intention of helping others.

Getting to the Page

At the Page offers customized support (1-on-1 coaching, mentoring, editing services) to other writers.

We get it. Not because we’ve been there. We are there!

We know about the seemingly endless distractions, the common everyday obstacles, as well as the many challenges unique to writing. We also know about some pretty empowering ways to get past them.

You might be a born storyteller, you might know how to string a phrase, you may have lived exciting adventures, or have the most vivid imagination, but if you aren’t making time to write, you aren’t being a writer.

We want to help you live the life you’ve dreamed. The Writer’s Life!

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